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Act 36 of 2014 requires Tax Certification

Effective June 17, 2014 when titling a manufactured home a tax certification will need to be included with the title paperwork.  Act 36-2014 was passed and signed by the governor requiring verification that all property taxes – current and past – are paid in full, prior to title transfer.

The law was championed by county tax claim officials who expressed frustration at the many manufactured home owners that sell their homes owing delinquent property taxes. Since the taxes stay with the home, these unsuspecting purchasers often learn of the delinquency only after a sale becomes final, passing on the tax liability to the new owner.  Unfortunately this has caused the new owners to possibly lose their homes unless they pay the previous owner’s delinquency.

This bill prevents that problem by requiring the current owner to pay any owed or delinquent taxes before a title can be transferred and provides a form from the taxing authority showing taxes are paid.  For new homes or preowned homes sold off a licensed sales center, the retailer will be required to submit a MV-16T – Self Certification of Exemption from Tax Status Certificate When Transferring Ownership of a Mobile Home or Manufactured Home – with the title work. 

Click here for MV-16T form.

We have attempted to get a uniform tax certification form created for all counties to use.  Unfortunately, the taxing authorities refused to work with us in favor of using their own existing forms.  We highly encourage you to talk with your county taxing authorities to determine what form they will be providing. 

Community owners are encouraged to inform their residents that when selling their homes they will need to provide this form at the time of title transfer or the title work will be rejected.  

MHI     MHI’s Government Relations staff has developed a new advocacy website to make contacting Congress about issues

     facing the MH industry easy. You can check it out here:

Act 89 - 2013 Transportation Bill (HB-1060) Passes

Act was signed on November 25, 2013, and  amends Titles 74 (Transportation) and 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.  Many PennDOT fees are changing with a variety of effective dates.  PMHA has created a Fact Sheet "Act 89 of 2013 Fee Chart Amounts and Effective Dates" which summarizes the changes and effective dates.  Contact Toni at PMHA 717-774-3440 or by email ( to obtain a copy.

Click here to view a chart detailing changes to:  Title 75 §1916  Annual fee for registration of a truck or truck tractor, by weight.

PennDOT created this interactive map with all posted roads and bridges in Pennsylvania

You can zoom in or out and select a road or bridge to find detailed posting information. It is an excellent tool.

Pennsylvania Posted and Bonded Roads Viewer

Changes to Manufactured Home Community Rights Act (HB 1767—Act 156 of 2012)

Act was signed on October 24, 2012, and repeals the abandoned home language in Act 74 and provides a judicial process for community owners to determine abandonment; establishes new guidelines for the sale or lease of a community, and for the closure or change of use of a community.  These changes will go into effect December 23, 2012.  Act 156 requires community owners to post and provide written notice to residents when a community is sold and in the case of closure provides for relocation costs and extends the time a resident has to relocate their home from 30 days to 180 days. Click here for the most current copy of Act 261 as amended by Act 80 and Act 156.

Installation and Habitability Guidelines for Relocated Manufactured Homes (SB 1141—Act 40-2012)

Act was signed on May 8, 2012, and amends the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act (Act 158) to develop statewide habitability guidelines and create a standard to install relocated manufactured homes.  The industry is currently working with DCED to enact regulations to implement the law.  Click here for more information on Installation & Habitability Guidelines.

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From the retail center with its drive-in lending office to the factory and its myriad air hoses and hydraulic lifts and the toter taking the home out the back door to the community on the hill, Bruce has captured the industry in all of its glory.  The story of the industry from start to finish is done in a light-hearted fun... can you believe this... remember when approach.
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