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Pennsylvania manufactured housing retailers are required by the Vehicle Code and Department Regulations to submit the home purchaser’s title applications to PennDOT for processing. Retailers are required to submit the title application within 20 days from the date of the home purchase. Retailers are not permitted by law to forward title applications to financial institutions regardless of the circumstances.

NOTE: Under PA law only manufactured homes are required to be titled. Modular housing is exempt from PA titling laws.

PMHA Titling Manual

PMHA has compiled a Titling Manual that is designed specifically for the manufactured housing industry. This manual will assist you with titling manufactured homes in Pennsylvania. We present sample forms and walk you through form completion. PMHA members can purchase a Titling Manual from the association for $60 each. It’s a great investment for anyone who does titlework. Titling Manual are not available to non-members. Contact Toni by email or call (888) 242-7642 to order yours today.

Card Agent Status

Act 152 of 2002, requires the Department to enter into contracts for the provision of card agent services for the issuance and processing of vehicle registration documents and fees. On July 1, 2008, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) required manufactured housing retailers to obtain Card Agent Status in order to obtain the MV-1 and MV-4ST forms to properly process title work.

Unless you use an outside source to complete your title paperwork, you will have to have a Card Agent on staff. The corporate officer or an employee of your business who is a notary can become a card agent. Keep in mind that when that person leaves your business they will take the card agent status with them.

Click here to access PennDOT's Agent Services Handbook. The handbook outlines the entire application process and all requirements necessary to apply for Card Agent Status.

Act 152 of 2002, also mandated that card agents, sign contracts with PennDOT. Under the terms of the contracts, card agents must complete a PennDOT-authorized agent service training course. This PennDOT-authorized course consists of six hours of instruction designed to give in-depth and well organized introductions to the most common transactions and procedures when processing manufactured housing title work. Instruction includes basic form completion with motor vehicle certificates of title.

PMHA has been certified by PennDOT to offer training courses to card agents working in the manufactured housing industry. The Manufactured Housing Card Agent Training is a 6-hour course for card agents doing title work for manufactured homes only. Card Agents are required to be trained one year after initial licensing and every two years thereafter.

Click here for a listing of upcoming classes.  Classes are held in the spring and fall each year.

Criminal History Request

There are many reasons why you might need a Criminal History Report. Many state agencies require criminal history checks when applying for licensure and many communities use them for residents.You can complete the form and mail it along with $10 to the PA State Police. However, it can take 4 weeks or longer to receive the criminal records report.

Now you can send your request to PMHA! We can process your Criminal History Report on-line through the Pennsylvania State Police PATCH Program, most requests process within a matter of minutes! It’s only $13.00 per request.

Click here for the “Request for Criminal Record Check” form and mail or fax it to the PMHA Office at:

P.O. Box 248
315 Limekiln Road
New Cumberland, PA 17070
Fax: 717-774-5596

If you have questions regarding Criminal History Reports, please contact Toni by email or at 1-888-242-7642.

Pennsylvania’s Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) Program

Act 113 of 2006 requires all lien holders, except individuals and lien holders who are not normally engaged in the business or practice of financing vehicles to enroll in the mandatory ELT Program. Lenders who offer the service of financing to customers are considered to be engaged in the business or practice of financing vehicles. PennDOT Fact Sheet can be viewed here. PennDOT Frequently Asked Questions can be viewed here.

The ELT program only affects those businesses or individuals who place liens against Pennsylvania vehicle titles, including manufactured housing. All lenders who wish to lien a Pennsylvania title must be electronically connected with PennDOT’s ELT Program. This is done through an approved third party service provider. PMHA has partnered with a third party service provider, FDI, and can help members comply with this mandate.

In order to enroll in the mandatory ELT Program you will need to complete the following documents:

* for PMHA members only


PMHA Members should retain a copy for their records and return all completed documents to PMHA for processing. If you have any questions please contact Toni by email or at (888) 242-7642.

NOTE: Non-members will need to enter into an agreement with a third party service provider (see MV-37 for a listing of Authorized Service Providers). After completing Sections A & B send the MV-37 to them for completion of Section C before they submit the form to PennDOT.