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Members Only Area

This area of our website currently contains industry focused information, member resources (PMHA Fact Sheets & Newsletter Archive).  Shortly this area of our website will also include upcoming events, event registration, membership renewals, ability to purchase membership and other available products. 

When you log in below, you can update your information. Please contact Tracy if you encounter any problems so she can assist you at or 717-774-3440.

Wonder if you are already in our database? Nonmembers and members, if you receive emails from us regularly, we have your email address in our database, you can log in without setting up a new account. If you do receive emails, but have never signed in before, type in your primary email address and use Password1 for your password. Please note that Password1 is case sensitive. If this does not work, click "forgot my password" so you can reset up your password.

If you do not receive emails from us, you need to use the New Visitor Registration to enter your information into the database.

However, availability of information and pricing in this area will depend on your login status:

  • If you have chosen not to login you are considered a "GUEST"
  • For those that have created an account and are not members of PMHA you are considered a "REGISTERED USER"
  • For those logged in as a member of PMHA you are considered a "MEMBER"

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