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Corporate Partner:

PA One Call


A Reminder to our Members - PA One Call will begin again on January 1.  Keep your PMHA membership up-to-date so that you can dig without paying the $125 fee.

If you dig you will receive an invoice from PA One Call. Send the invoice to PMHA (by mail or fax) and as long as your membership is current you can then dig and dig and dig and not receive another invoice.


Before you dig, call PA One Call for a clear and accurate marking of underground utility lines.

With your first call each calendar year to PA One Call you will receive an invoice for $125.00. But...Send the first invoice to PMHA (by mail or fax)and we will pay the bill.  PA One Call will mark their records that you are a current member of PMHA and all subsequent digs will be at no charge.

So it pays to be a member of PMHA just for the free PA One Call.  Remember, you must do this each calendar year.  Next summer when you plan to put in that new community center and you call PA One Call you will again have to send PMHA the first invoice.

Visit their website for more information